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2008-12-05 14:33:45 by jack231

remember that girl i like? well, she's hooked up with some other kid. i thought she liked me back,but then i told her friend to say to her "have a good weekend" for me,then he said "you do know she's my girlfriend,right?" excuse me,i have to go listen to every sad heavy metal song in existence.

UPDATE: the guy is moving away, but the girl likes Twilight now. both me and him are F***ed.

UPDATE: the guy isn't moving away.but the girl still likes Twilight.

an ode to my teacher.BITCH.

2008-11-17 16:56:10 by jack231

ME: Weeelllll,

my teacher's a bitch, she's a big fat bitch,
She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world,
She's a stupid bitch, if there ever was a bitch,
She's a bitch to all the boys and girls.

On Monday she's a bitch
On Tuesday she's a bitch
And Wednesdays and Saturdays she's a bitch
Then on Sunday just to be different,
She's a super king kong mega mega biatch

Have you ever met my teacher ,
She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world,
She's a mean old bitch and she has stupid hair,
She's a bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch
Bitch, bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch
She's a stupid bitch, my teacher's a bitch,
And she's such a dirty bitch.

Talk to kids around the world,
It might go a little something like this...

[Sung in three different languages by other children]

Have you ever met my teacher,
She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world,
She's a mean old bitch, she has stupid hair,
She's a bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch
Bitch, bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch.
She's a stupid bitch, my teacher's a bitch,
And she's such a dirty bitch;

I really mean it,
my teacher's, she's a big fat, fucking bitch
Big old fat fuckin' bitch, my teacheeeeeeeeeeeer
Yeahhhhh, Chaaaaa

the neverending saga

2008-11-11 15:58:52 by jack231

that girl i like is apparently friends with a kid named Scott Albert, who has a lot of friends who "just happen' to be girls.right."just happen" to be other words,



2008-10-06 06:41:04 by jack231

i REALLY dont feel like i wanna go to school throat hurts,my nose is acting weird,i think im sick.

today at school...

2008-10-01 15:13:53 by jack231

remember the girl i like that doesnt like me? [see thread:"sigh...."] well i was talking to my friend about her not liking me and why,and he said:maybe she likes people who are nice to their FRIENDS! {break} 1.he's not my friend,more of a "sidekick",and 2.batman didn't treat robin nice! heck,he coulda died in mr. freeze's lair,what with the short pants and all.[back to the story] so i said:maybe she doesn't like guys who are pervs and compliment {name omitted}'s BOOBS![END] the {name omitted} isn't the girl i like,its another one that HE likes. he said on the 1st day last year,"boy,her guppies are BAZONGAS!" yes he stole that from the simpsons episode,"Large Marge".he steals everything from TV,him and his little has-the-stereotypical-voice-of-a-gay-p erson friend are creating a web show called "i[friend name]",which all jokes they stole from the already-horrid show "iCarly" on Nickelodeon. they made a model in lego club based on "i[friend name]",which had minifigures which they probably think themselves look like. like [friend] had perfect shining teeth,which [friend] doesn't. then they they had the "treasurecuzzi" which is a treasure-shaped jacuzzi. but it looked like the minifigure representations were doing...something OTHER than swimming.BOW-CHICKA-BOW-WOW.

things from the past.

2008-09-30 16:07:21 by jack231

have you ever been to a place that still has/is selling stuff from the 80's or 90's. i'll a skating rink,i once saw a batman forever batmobile.i put tokens into it to see what it felt like.i was in 4th grade.i am in 7th now. in 4th grade,i barely fit into the thing.imagine what it would be like now.

oh,has to be in internet shops or sites.

my computer teacher is mean.

2008-09-29 14:26:43 by jack231

i asked WHY we were typing our schedules in MS word,(we already had schedules) and she/he (i'm not sure) said,"you HAVE to learn tables in MS word!! or you can not do it and get an F.WORRIES NOT MEH!

she probably hasnt even heard of half the new programs,like flash,MS office 08 (or whatever the newest version is called).

she probably hasnt even heard of NEWGROUNDS.if she does,as blockhead would say to her,"you have the wrong ideas(about newgrounds),AS USUAL!"


2008-09-28 11:26:44 by jack231

my aunt got me the trooper iron maiden VANS sneakers at an outlet in delaware! only 34$. she was on vacation,saw em' remembered i wanted them so badly,then bought em'!! 34$ is pretty cheap compared to the 50$ price on their website. /servlet/product2_10001_26605_10101_54 4151_-1

they pretended there was a break in to the trophy case,with stuff written like "NO JOCKS" and "PDMS RULES" on it.PDMS stands for philophiles of (name removed for privacy) middle school.they made a whole PDMS cult website and called all 7th graders down to the cafeteria,then explained the whole situation,then we went back to the "pod",a place where all the classrooms are,explained it some more,then said,"looks like a job for *all put on shades* (name removed) MIDDLE SCHOOL CSI!!!! it was the start of a series of projects in science class.screwy,right?i thought this would lead to a shooting.a bunch of other students were really worried too.they screwed with our young,vunerable minds,AND THEN REVEALED IT WAS ALL A JOKE.jack-As.


2008-09-24 15:30:34 by jack231

dangit.i cant submit NG flashes from school,and i dont want to buy flash school is the only place i know that has it.i gues madnessday08.fla will never make it to the site.i saw an oppurtunity,as most "day" related flashes don't get blammed.