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my friends and i were talking about this girl i like,(name removed for privacy reasons) then my teacher reminds me she(the girl i like) said straight to my face,that the me/girl i like relationship is never going to happen.why does society these days judge so much on popularity,and differences?if that wasn't the way people judged,the world would be a better place,and i bet there would be a smaller suicide rate too.


2008-09-10 17:34:55 by jack231

some guy just linked me to meatspin......i dont get it,all i did was make a post asking where i could find print-outs of castle crashers papercraft.what a jerk.

Just joined today...

2008-09-02 20:15:12 by jack231

well,i just joined today,and i feel great!expect my first flashes to be.....dumpy,but i'll get better!